This Bar Is Light!

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This Bar Is Light! by Lisbeth Darsh – CrossFit Lisbeth

This bar is light.

That’s what I tell myself every single time, no matter what the lift is, no matter how many plates are on the bar.

This bar is light.

It can be a snatch, a thruster, a front squat, or a deadlift. There can be 85 lbs on it or 225 lbs. It can be a practice jerk with PVC pipe or it can be a 10lb PR on a 1RM back squat.

Still, this bar is light.

It might sound stupid. Okay, not “might” — it is stupid. But it works, for me. Because if I approach that bar with the idea that the weight is heavy, then it will feel heavy. And my chances of making that lift go way down if my mind is weighed down.

It’s like when I see a CrossFitter — usually, a woman — shake her head “no” in the middle of a workout. Shake her head. It makes me crazy and I want to yell “Stop shaking your head!” from across the room. (Okay, maybe I’ve done that once or twice. Or 314 times, but who’s counting?) I know the gal with the head shake is probably just trying to psych herself up, but usually she doesn’t realize she just psyched herself out. If you think the weight is heavy, it will feel heavy. Heavy is hard to lift. But light? Light is a cakewalk. You can do light.

Jason Khalipa, shortly after winning the 2008 CrossFit Games, said this to me: “If you think you can’t do another push-up, you can’t.” He was talking about the power of the mind. Put the right thoughts in your head and get out of your own way.

See? This bar is light.


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8 Responses to This Bar Is Light!

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  2. Amy P. says:

    Where the mind goes, the body follows, without a doubt. It’s not an easy lesson for many to learn, myself included… positivity is a “muscle” that needs daily training! Thanks Lisbeth 🙂

  3. Thomas Moore says:

    That’s not stupid. You know what’s stupid? When I have a wod that involved a specific number of reps, I always count down, say from 30 to 0, rather than up to 30.

    Because it just sounds easier to be doing 4 then three then two…. than 27, 28…

    very dumb but every little bit helps.

  4. Hruggs says:

    I hate burpees. With a passion. So, every time I want to stop doing them I just fall flat on my face, then all I have to do it just get up. With this technique, for the most part, I can do burpees without breaking, no matter what the WOD is. I just look at it and say “all I have to do is get up.” Now I’m going to work on “the bar is light”. Thanks, Lisbeth!!

  5. carolin says:

    awesome post lisbeth! i always break up my reps. it seems more doable to me when im counting to 10 3X times than when Im counting just to 30.

  6. Marie says:

    The mind is a powerful weapon and should be fueled with I can. Great article Lisbeth!! Thank you!

  7. Mama K says:

    Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. – Churchill

  8. Shannon says:

    I may be one of those girls you see shake her head during a WOD with a bar in my hand. When I shake my head I’m not psyching myself out or telling myself “no”. Well, I may tell myself, “No, I can do this”, that I’m not going to let that weight get the best of me. I am telling myself that this is going to happen!

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